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Watching 4.2.2 streams on Ultraplus 900HD

I figured out that you can watch streams in 4.2.2 on an Ultraplus 900HD receiver, buy streaming from a PC with a satellite card, DVBViewer and VLC Software.

First thing you have to do is install a satellite card in a pc, and download and install DVBViewer. What I did then is downloaded K-Lite codec pack and installed all codecs.

On DVBViewer I then changed the MPEG2 Video Decoder to LAV Video Decoder. This allows the software to decode 4.2.2 streams after making some small config changes.
Still on DVB Viewer, I then activated the NetStream plugin (this comes with DVBViewer Pro). You then go to the configuration of the NetStream plugin, set it to Unicast, set the interface to the IP address of your lan card and press ok. It will then stream anything you play on DVBViewer via your pc's lan.

What I then did on the same pc is start up VLC media player. I've got version 1.1.11 so it might be different if you use an older version.
Go to Media, the click on Streaming. Select the network tab and enter the url of the stream coming from DVBViewer :

Mine is:
Change the to what ever your lan ip address is and 2345 is the port number.

Then click on Stream down the bottom of the window.
The stream output window pops up, click on next.
Under destinations select HTTP under new destination, select display locally to see what you are streaming then click on add, and don't make any other changes to the destinations section.
The section underneath is the Transcoding section, you can select either:
Video - H.264 + AAC (TS) - better quality needs more bandwidth
Video - MPEG-2 + MPGA (TS) - low quality

Then click next and finally click stream. You should see the stream in VLC.

Finally on the Ultraplus 900HD
Go to Internet TV+
Press red button to Add
enter a title name
enter the url as - - again change to your pc's lan IP
press ok
press ok to start the stream, make sure the stream is running on the pc before running it from internet tv+.

I've also got this working for videos and music stored on the pc and also streaming video from the internet wms streams etc.
Should be good to go, any questions just ask


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A great presentation Adrian, well done.

This should help others to get similar systems to work.
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Good stuff , I did play around with this a few weeks ago but didn't know the method to setup VLC to stream it back. The way it could be done better is with the 422 feed on the Ultraplus being recorded or using the Timeshift function. Then using VLC in realtime to transcode the file as streamed off the Ultraplus

Ultraplus >current.ts >VLC transcoded in realtime > then accessed as you did via the internettv+ menu.

There would of course be a fair bit of network traffic involved but the satellite card + dvb viewer would not really be needed

BTW VLC is up to version 2 now
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Great post..just wondering if 4:2:2 viewing could be obtained with a simple future firmware upgrade for the box itself?? you guys reckon this could be feesable??

Thanks again Adrian
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